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Amelio Fence Corp. is a maker of top notch aluminum and steel improving Gates, Fences and Railing frameworks. We offer top quality items made by our accomplished group with the most elevated level of ability and craftsmanship. Our group comprises of originators, welders, fabricators and installers with more than 35 years of consolidated nearby insight. 

Every one of our items are handcrafted with a wonderful scrupulousness and the adaptability to modify shading, finish , design and generally plan – all at a serious cost inside our industry. 


Aluminum and Steel Railings

With more than 35 years of involvement with assembling and planning we have designed a different scope of railing frameworks for business and private use, including aluminum deck railings, overhang railings, yard railings and more.

Amelio Fence Corp. is a pleased individual from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We expect to make indoor and open air railings past comparision. These railings are planned and produced utilizing premium grade aluminum with the guide of imaginative procedures under severe course of our prepared experts. Every item in our assortment includes the ideal blend of feel and usefulness that can be handily consolidated into present day design. 

We do Custom Fabrication

We’ve been in the custom fabrication and welding field for more than 35 years and are notable in the business as a shop that takes the necessary steps to convey great outcomes. Being specialists in the business likewise assists us with getting to the right cost for our clients, and individuals realize that when they come to us, they can anticipate the best quality.

We spend significant time in welding and manufacturing demanding & unforgiving materials of differing thicknesses. Also, our demonstrated history of expertly working with materials, like different aluminums, tempered steels, super alloys (Inconel) and numerous hard to-work-with metals, separates us from most suppliers.

We incline toward stainless steel and aluminum fabrication projects since we have the experience important to effectively finish them. Our top notch hardened steel and aluminum parts are made with various grades and surface completes that can withstand rust, erosion and a wide range of natural and inorganic synthetics.

We don’t simply cut, punch and twist. We tackle issues. Our master engineers work with you during the design phase of projects to ensure your final products are flawless and ready when you need them to be.

What makes us stay ahead in the Custom Fabrication industry:

At Amelio Fence Corp. we have the equipment, engineers and administrators to deal with highly demanding precision metal fabrication needs. We have practical experience in the difficult sheet metal manufacture occupations that leave different suppliers battling to meet your specs. We expertly weld and manufacture a wide scope of metals that can demonstrate troublesome, including a wide range of stainless steels and aluminums. For more than 35 years, we have created great many various ventures, and our work satisfies such requesting guidelines that it’s trusted to fly on military airplane or jets and even be important for the International Space Station. Our broad information on what metals can be welded together and how metals respond to welds separates us from a large number of our rivals, helping you with saving time, cash and hassle. Do you have a Custom Fabrication work ? Why to wait? Call us Today.

Aluminum and Steel Decorative Gates

At the point when you pick Amelio Fence Corp., you are picking a group that places quality and craftsmanship above all the other things, and with regards to our carport entryways, this couldn’t be more genuine.

The quality in creation that you will find in our items is unrivaled in the business, which means you will get only the best when you pick us. Our carport gates are worked to furnish your home or business with just the most consoling well being and security, however it doesn’t stop there! Not exclusively are our carport gates secure, they are additionally planned in view of magnificence, and arrive in various appealing plans just as programmed highlights.

We do Automatic Gate Installation with Control access in Florida:

Automated gates and other access control systems are your first security defense& prevent unauthorized personnel from entering into your property. Amelio Fence Corp. specializes in installation of Automated gates with access control systems which can be utilized for residential and commercial properties. These gates come in many types, including swing and slide gates, cantilever gates, barrier arms, and more. Just one press on the remote control button and the gate opens, the vehicle easily enters the garage, no effort is needed! It is really simple and elegant. Amelio Fence Corp. is unyielding with regards to following the security guidelinesto ensure that your automatic gate system is installed and kept up with properly. Looking to install Automated gates with control access for your property ? Call us now.


At Amelio Fence Corp., you’ll discover only the best the business has to bring to the table. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and worth is unparalleled, and we can demonstrate it to you! Our private and business fencing is by and large what you need to tidy up your home or business. A quality fence can give you protection and security that is important. Fences are additionally phenomenal for families with small kids, making back and front yards a lot more secure spots for them.

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great job at different properties over the years. family owned and operated is always nice too

Franco Parente

Aluminum fence

Amelio’s folks did an amazing job! They were professional, competent, and very helpful. I highly recommend them!

Iqbal Akhtar

Custom fabrication, Iron fence

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